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Audio from the Author - Derek Boughton B.Sc.
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At about 40, Derek had a wakeup call to review his health. He was also overweight and so he began researching information about how to trim down as well as reduce his cholesterol.
Derek might not have been quite obese but he certainly had plenty of excess bulk.
Over a period of about three months, he lost over 20 pounds (ten kilos) quite easily and trimmed over 5 inches (13 cms) from his waist-line.
Over the ensuing 3 months, he continued to lose around another 10 pounds (5 kilos), as well as getting rid of more fat off his midriff.
Moreover, he started to feel much better and healthier than he had ever been in his life!
Most importantly, he managed to remain practically at his new weight and size for the next fifteen years or so. This was when he moved to Argentina and quickly discovered that a diet of mainly meat was not a way to keep trim!

What really struck Derek from his research was the emphasis everywhere on the benefits of various food types that seemed to have so many advantages for a weight loss diet. So he studied and learnt a lot about enhanced eating habits. He describes all of these in this program so that you can profit from each and every one of them.
While writing the book he decided to follow his own recommendations and shed the excess 5 kilos (11 pounds) or so that he was carrying (mainly from living overseas for 2 years); and at the ripe old age of sixty. Within 3 months, he lost even more than that just following his Cheat or Cop-out Diet!

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